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We are a New York-based alliance of cross-sector organizations, sex trade survivors, and community members who advocate for the Equality Model. We call for the decriminalization of people in the sex trade, and the implementation of comprehensive services and exit strategies for them. We also urge policymakers to hold pimps and traffickers, brothel and illicit massage parlor owners, and sex buyers accountable for the lifelong harm their actions cause.


We believe in equality and justice for all. To achieve this vision in New York State, we must address the sex trade, especially prostitution, through a solution that will shrink this exploitative industry and provide resources to those impacted by it. The lifelong psychological harm and trauma the sex trade causes can never be regulated away. As an alliance, we seek to: 


  • Decriminalize people who are bought and sold in the multi-billion dollar sex trade.

  • Fund and implement comprehensive services, including housing, trauma-informed medical and mental health services, education and job training, for people in prostitution. These must include exit strategies for those who wish to leave the sex trade. 

  • Hold sex buyers accountable for the lifelong harm and trauma they cause through demand-focused laws and policies that will also work to shrink the sex trade, preventing more people from being pulled into harm’s way and decreasing sex trafficking.

  • Educate the public and policymakers about the reality of the sex trade, including the harmful effects of sex buying & pimping on people in prostitution.

  • Shift the stigma associated with prostitution from those in the sex trade to the sex buyers and exploiters who cause real harm.

  • Protect the most vulnerable and marginalized in our State: women & girls, especially of color, members of Black & Brown communities, the LGBTQ+ population, run away and foster youth, individuals experiencing homelessness, and undocumented immigrants.

  • Hold pimps, traffickers, and brothel & illicit massage parlor owners accountable.


Prevent regressive legislation that will deregulate the most violent, abusive, racist, sexist, capitalist, heterosexist, and exploitative industry and allow it to expand in our State.

Enact the Equality Model in New York State through legislation.

Advocate for additional supportive housing and holistic, survivor-informed services and exit strategies for people in the sex trade.

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