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New York needs a nuanced and holistic approach to address prostitution that will shrink this exploitative system and provide resources to those impacted by it most.

We've partnered with legislators on The Sex Trade Survivors Justice and Equality Act – legislation that will decriminalize people in prostitution, expand access to comprehensive services, strengthen anti-trafficking laws and advance criminal justice reform.

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We are a New York-based alliance of cross-sector organizations, sex trade survivors, and community members who advocate for the Equality Model and the passage of the Sex Trade Survivors Justice & Equality Act. We call for the decriminalization of people in the sex trade, and the implementation of comprehensive services and exit strategies for them. We also urge policymakers to hold pimps and traffickers, brothel and illicit massage parlor owners, and sex buyers accountable for the lifelong harm their actions cause.

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Prevent regressive legislation that will deregulate and expand one of the most violent, racist, sexist, and exploitative industries in our State

Enact the Sex Trade Survivors Justice & Equality Act in New York

Advocate for additional supportive housing and holistic, survivor-informed services and exit strategies for people in the sex trade

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